Window reflections
Through the window

I was playing around with shots through my kitchen window and was fascinated with how real the reflected plant looks – much more solid and real than the kitchen.

It made me think about how we often see some glaring fault in another, overlooking the real person, as we concentrate on their perceived shortcomings. As we pay more attention we might find that the fault is merely a reflection of our own lack of understanding, empathy and humanity.

I wrote about this photo – baring my soul – and then I went off and experimented with a theme change and bammo! all my words are gone. (So this is just  summary of my previous poetic ramblings)


6 thoughts on “Reflecting

  1. Sorry you lost your original wording — sometimes technology can be frustrating. The message you wrote is very good and very true.

    The photo fooled me! I first thought it was a reflection of the inside of the building as you looked out at the plant!


  2. Your original words are on Facebook. A very moving poem too. (It is probably a theme post layout, if you check in your posts (in admin) you will probably find the original.


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