Half a new roof.

My sister came up today and helped me rip off the old rusted roof from the Potter’s shed and replace with new colorbond sheets. It was a big job jemmying out the old rusted nails and power drilling in the new roofing screws while balancing on the wobbly ladder! But girl power prevailed and 6 hours later we had a new rain proof roof.

While we were ripping, banging and balancing someone bought one of my pastel paintings from my Etsy shop so that paid for half the roofing sheets. Happy days!

10 thoughts on “Half a new roof.

    1. lindywhitton says:

      The arm did OK1 Hope the cheek is behaving. The roof stayed on after a very wet and wild night. I went and stood there in the shed just to hear the magical sound of rain on the roof whilst remaining dry!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. lindywhitton says:

      Thanks Shawn for taking the time to comment. I love hearing feedback because I’m not always confident in my paintings and it’s good to hear how others see them.


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