My new daily schedule…

Three weeks into retirement and I’ve settled into it nicely thank you very much! My days have naturally evolved a schedule of their own which I’m feeling pretty pleased with. I was beginning to panic a little before the big R date what with all the plans and projects I had in the pipeline. Some time during the last 3 weeks I gave the pipe a bit of a flush and have been a whole lot more relaxed since then ( no metaphors intented there!)

So how do I fill my days? I get up when I please which is usually fairly early – but how nice it is to occaissonaly sleep in without any pangs of guilt at all that wasted time. I shower, breakfast and do a spot of spiritual contemplation to start the day. Next comes a quick check on Etsy and followup on any commission queries. Now The Writer gets some time and we usually head off for a morning walk along the beachside walking track at Blackman’s Bay. The water views are changeable but always beautiful . There’s a bit of an incline both ends of the walk – after 3 weeks l can already  climb the cliff path faster.



Home for a morning paint, or a sewing session and then lunch by the pool at noon. I do some more work in the studio till 2’ish and then it’s a swim and a read in the deck chair. This is when I catch up on my art books- just choosing one at random and dipping into it can trigger off some new ideas.

At 3pm  I head inside and back to the studio for another session. The Writer and I share the cooking so if he’s on chef duty I’ll work through till dinner. The evening is family time , playing a board game, reading, watching a movie or catching up on computer based stuff.

The most wonderful thing about this evolved routine is it’s not really a schedule! If my niece needs a hand I can head off to help her, if I want to visit my Mum there’s no reason not to , if my sister drops by we can swim and chat for an hour without me thinking of all the things I should be doing and if I want to spend an hour leafing through a cook book that’s just what I do. There’s time for some gardening, a visit to my local art shop or a trip to the recycle centre. Of course somewhere in between all this good stuff I do a bit of housework and the odd spot of grocery shopping but that’s just a great counterpoint to emphasise the absolute joy of my daily pleasures.

The best part is that I’ve reclaimed art as a leisurely pursuit instead of something to be squeezed and squashed in between my working life and my family time!


12 thoughts on “My new daily schedule…

  1. Isn’t it wonderful to be retired? I enjoyed reading about what your day is like. I always love hearing what other artist do in their typical day and yours sounds like heaven. I wanted to take a closer peak at your paintings though! Isn’t a slower life grand?


  2. Dear Lindy,

    I stumbled across your You Tube site two weeks before your retirement. Thank you so much for the valuable information you so freely give. I have been Retired for close on 24 years, until the last 3 years was able to attend watercolour classes Then tried my hand at beautiful clear pastels not very well so I was very pleased to find You on You Tube and downloading your great newsletter.

    Unfortunately I am confined to staying home as my dearest has developed Lewy Body Dementia, which requires me to be with him 24/7, we have been married 62 years this Coming April After reading this mornings newsletter I must say I was awfully disappointed when you Mentioned that you had time for that dreadful chore to me, housework! But I will Forgive you. Hahaha

    Please keep sending lovely newsletters and You Tubes,I just love your vibrant work

    Yours Sincerely Marcia Storey

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    1. Dear Marcia,
      My, 62 years is a long marriage! I have only made 31 so really still a baby at it. I’m sorry to hear your dearest has developed dementia – it’s a difficult illness for both you and him. I am gld though that my art newsletters and You Tube videos can give you some pleasure whilst you’re confined to home. Pastels are lovely to work with so do persist- I find them much easier than watercolour which I never really mastered. I will keep doing the videos while people are interested so I will have a new one out this week.
      Bless you and your dearest.


  3. First off, congratulations on your retirement Lindy – if I haven’t told you already. I’m sure it has been well earned on your part. 🙂 Also, I’m so happy for this fluid routine that’s found you. You sound so relaxed and happy and that’s great to hear. Have a great retirement filled with creating art because you love it.

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  4. I’m impressed …. to have nailed the new freeform day and evolved it into a form that works for you in a mere three weeks is worthy of a high-five. For so many, retirement and its lack of strictures brings real anxiety. I think you should write a book on how to do it well!


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