Terry Ludwig pastels.

I’ve been coveting a set of Terry Ludwig pastels for a very long time. The trouble is they are quite expensive and you just can’t buy them in Tasmania. So by the time I’ve added postage from the US the “quite expensive” has soared to stratospheric heights of extravagance. When I retired The Writer kept … More Terry Ludwig pastels.

Acrylic abstraction

I was pretty happy with my first attempts at acrylic pouring on canvas. Well- if we don’t count last nights fiasco – which I ended up scraping off the canvas into the rubbish bin. I don’t know about you but I’m definitely not counting it. It’s a very simple but unpredictable artform which I’ve been … More Acrylic abstraction

The sun has shone….

A little thought as I wait to start the next stage of my current painting.   The sun has shone and now it’s gone The lazy cat is getting fat   The wet paint drys as Tuesday flys The rain falls the cat sleeps and I wait ….    

Instagram glam.

I’ve started posting on Instagram. I’m trying to post every day but not always making it. Why don’t I always make it. Here’s why… my life is full of not so perfect moments half finished projects in a messy room cakes with sunken tops and no icing windows that need cleaning no makeup and sleepy … More Instagram glam.