A few little projects

I’ve been working on a few different projects over the last couple of weeks and been very slack about blogging! Not sure why , perhaps I’ve just been enjoying doing and not wanting to be distracted by writing. Anyway  I’m making amends by posting a few photos of some of those little projects….

I collected up all the twigs dropped by the possums from our silver birch and spent a happy hour turning them into Christmas wreaths. The cat had a ball pouncing on the twigs as I twisted them around and then the string I used to tie them together.



Next I sewed up some cotton cushion covers and drew botanic designs on them all. They’re all nicely packaged up for the Etsy Made Local Christmas market now. I love the minimalist approach with these.. balck and white line drawings.



Then I picked up a Christmas snowflake punch at the local recycling centre for $5 and made a few little Christmas tags. I love that the hole makes a design and then I can use the punch out for another!


I also started teaching a pastel class and did a few video demonstrations for them as well as the classes.

Tuscan wheatfields. Pastel painting
Tuscan pastel painting
Brittany cottage

I also picked up some white china mugs at the recycling centre and tried out some homemade alcohol inks on them- it’s very satisfying seeing random patterns appear and not being in control of the final outcome.

Alcohol inked mugs


….and there’s more!

gumleaf watercolours
Gumleaf watercolours all framed up


Handmade concertina artbooks


Acrylic disc pendants all ready to string up


A soon to be  clock- ready for the mechanism to be added.


So please forgive me for my lack of writing – I’ve just been too busy doing!

What projects have you all been up to?








12 thoughts on “A few little projects

    1. Thanks, I’ve hardly had time to breathe and so my blog has suffered. the market is over and finally I’ve dipped into the blog- so apologies for the long delay in replying!


      1. No worries – there are so many more important things to do than reply to comments 🙂 like breathing and sleeping and becoming human again.. Welcome back though – looking forward to seeing what you’ll make next 🙂


    1. I love those wreathes too. The market is over and I have 11 of them all festooned with silver gumleaves and dried orange slices. They smell great! If i lived close by I would love to drop one round for you.

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  1. Wow,there were many projects!
    I mostly have big school assignments to do.
    But I do take time to do some other things like making decoration, sewing, knitting and many more! Trying to have time to write about it on my blog to!


  2. Geez, I’m exhausted just reading this – and so envious of the time you have to do it! Sigh, one day I to will be retired, but I’ll probably be way past my creative stage then 🙂


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