Taking a risk.

There’s nothing like putting yourself out there to make life feel a little risky. I’ve just set myself up on Patreon and made a little intro video to launch my new venture to my public – and I feel a bit wobbly.

What if noone is interested? How will that make me feel? Probably a bit deflated and despondent , maybe it will curtail my enthusiasm for putting so much time and effort into my You Tube channel. The truth is I needed to do it because I would like to improve my video recording and editing but to do that I need better equipment and some up skilling and to do that I need some income which I don’t get from You Tube. So If I don’t put myself out there my videos won’t improve – and if none of my 4360 You Tube subscribers are interested then I guess it means they’re happy with my current production values!

What have I got to lose? Only a little self confidence and a bit of an ego bruising.

So here goes…..

11 thoughts on “Taking a risk.

    1. lindywhitton says:

      Well it took forever!!! I wasn’t totally happy but I just gave up. I am pretty wriggly aren’t I. I have my first 2 patrons- one from You Tube and one from a sis. Now to making those videos!!!

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    1. lindywhitton says:

      Yep -noticed the O was missing , decided I couldn’t face another edit as it’s already uploaded twice to You Tube. Besides it will show I’m not perfect so make me less intimidating???? That’s my reasoning anyway. Maybe I’ll fix it some other time.

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  1. Claudia Lenoir says:

    I am so excited to be one of your patrons; and grateful to have found you, Lindy. I am very new to pastel and have adopted you as my Art Mentor. Thank you!


    1. lindywhitton says:

      Welcome to my studio! Pastels are such a wonderful medium and I’m sure you are going to love exploring all you can do with them. I really look forward to seeing your paintings as you progress. Dont forget to post them on the Community page. Happy painting! Lindy


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