Eco printing on wool

I’ve been discovering the joys of ecoprinting on vintage woolen blankets. I’d already been working with silk and cotton but had been wanting to try some wool which is either very expensive if new or difficult to find if recycled . Vintage blankets are a good way to get a decent amount of yardage at … More Eco printing on wool

It’s been awhile…

Here is why it’s been awhile between posts… I’ve been inundated with Christmas painting commissions, am taking a pastel class and a workshop for beginners, am on the committee organising the annual Etsy Made Local Christmas market as well as trying to make stock for the market itself and trying my hand at eco printing … More It’s been awhile…

A small art book

I often fill in the day when sitting at the gallery by painting small watercolour art books. People like to see the artist at work and I often sell something because they’ve enjoyed seeing me make it. This is one I did last week. It’s full of small local scenes which is one of the … More A small art book

Mini story cards.

I recently made some new linocuts and decided it would be fun to add a little story to them for the back of the cards I planned to use the prints on. Here’s what resulted.     “The Birdwatcher’s Club” The cats met every Tuesday around lunchtime for a spot of sedate birdwatching. It was … More Mini story cards.

A few little projects

I’ve been working on a few different projects over the last couple of weeks and been very slack about blogging! Not sure why , perhaps I’ve just been enjoying doing and not wanting to be distracted by writing. Anyway  I’m making amends by posting a few photos of some of those little projects…. I collected … More A few little projects