LindyWhittonStudio YouTube Channel Join me on YouTube for my pastel painting course. The course will be structured to cater for the absolute beginner and progress from the materials you need to get started through basic mark making techniques and on to composition,creating textures, underpainting right through to how to fix your painting  and prepare and frame … More PASTEL PAINTING COURSE

Creating a series

Familiarity  brings freedom in painting It’s a fact that the more familiar I become with a painting subject the easier the actual execution of the elements becomes , the freer the paint or pastel application flows and the more instinctual the response to the material is. All this adds up to a fluid, responsive, and totally … More Creating a series

To paraphrase Kermit – “It’s not easy painting green”

I’ve been doing a lot of commission paintings lately of wonderful, verdant landscapes. Forests, mountainsides covered with pines, flowering grassy meadows, homes set in expanses of green, green lawns  surrounded by stately trees. It’s just not that easy to paint a subject with such a lot of green. You can fill the canvas or paper … More To paraphrase Kermit – “It’s not easy painting green”