Edges – Photography 101

This bridge in a quieter area of Venice is achingly beautiful in it’s simplicity . The mellow red brickwork edged sharply in white stone , the geometrical angles contrasting boldly with the curving steps and  Arabesque windows of the ancient palace facade and the stark shadow of the handrail delineating each step all add up to a visual feast. There is mystery in the dark … More Edges – Photography 101

Light – Day 9 Photography 101

    I noticed the light changing whilst painting last evening and when I stepped out my front door the clouds were beautiful warm yellows and pinks. The climber was silhouetted against the sky and it’s pink trumpet flowers really echoed the pinks in the clouds. Serendipitous moment!

Big – Day 7 Photography 101

    Today I didn’t have time to get out and photograph so I pulled out some photos from a trip to the Italian Dolomites a few years ago. These peaks were enormous and dwarfed the surrounding area. I’m still not sure which format emphasises the scale the most . What do your think?

Emotography week 6 Heart Song

  Heart Song Surf washes in on silver sand blood pounds as I leap the gaps of  lichen covered rocks the sea breeze races in hurling stinging sand against my skin I taste salt in the air I feel alive heart sings! *********************************************************************** The Bay of Fires on Tasmania’s east coast remains one of my favourite places to visit, … More Emotography week 6 Heart Song