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An artist’s busy life

My life is pretty hectic at the moment and I haven’t made the time to post in quite awhile so here’s what’s been going on in the last 5 weeks:

Some travel. You might not count that as busy work but I did drive almost 7000 km in just under3 weeks so pretty busy! We had some time to explore the far north of Western Austrlia which is a very remote, hot and richly coloured land.

Bungle Bungles, Western Australia

Then we drove down the coast to the Nigaloo Reef for some days of snorkeling . Sunshine every day and clear water.

Ningaloo marine park

…before finishing up with a few days in the wildflowers of WA.

Along Highway 1 near Kalbarri

Commissions…I got home to quite a few custom art requests and managed to get 3 largish orders done in my first week home painting very solid 8 hour days. There are still another 8 lined up !

Setup an Exhibition…of course this wasn’t all on my own but as President of a local art group, The Colour Circle, I was quite heavily involved in assembling panels, hanging artworks and all the other work that goes into getting an exhibition ready to open it’s doors to the public.

I’ve also spent the last 2 days all day on my feet at the exhibition and will have done three demonstrations before we pack it all up again tomorrow.

Some nephew sitting, church service and other bits and bobs have filled in any spare time !

Hoping it settles down after tomorrow but my calendar is pretty chock full as I have 8 commissions, a panel discussion to lead this week and a major market to prepare for in November.

What’s been filling your time lately?