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Motion – Day 13 Photography 101

I love the way cats respond to movement. Here’s Mink, the cat who walked out of the bush where she had been abandoned as a kitten , and straight into our hearts. She taught our neurotic family cat to be young at heart again and gave her an added lease of life . She took over our son’s bed, standing patiently outside his door until he finally get’s up each day. We bless the day she came by our back door and asked politely but insistently for a change of diet. No more chasing mice and birds ( except as recreational sport) she wanted the real deal from a packet or a can.

I digress, this post is supposed to be about movement – well she did move out of the bush and into our hearts, our house and Youngest Son’s room!

Here are a few shots of her favourite game- chasing down the tape measure as I walk by from the sewing room.

Mink ,our cat.
Mink our rescued cat has just caught sight of something
Here's the tape measure
Ah ah! There it is – the tape measure!
Ah! The tape measure game!
Going for it!
A ball of fury
That’s dinner earned tonight!