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Double the pleasure. Day 19 Photography 101

I like these two ,out at sea in their sturdy little fishing boat.┬áThere’s something about the companionship of boating with a friend that is really appealing. The boat glides effortlessly through the calm waters, a salty breeze ruffles your hair as you throw in a fishing line and chat away for a few hours while the fish totally ignore you. And you don’t care that they ignore you. Sharing a day on the water with a friend is double the pleasure.

Gone fishing


Scale – Day 14 photography 101

Scale – helping us to see the big picture.

Luckily I took my phone with me on this mornings walk along Blackmans Bay foreshore. The sky was full of luminous breaks in the steely grey clouds and now and then the water was lit by a sliver of silver on the horizon. White sails flapped in the breeze and a few fishermen were out on the rocks to add scale to the huge sky and dark waters.

Fishing from the rocks
Fishing from the rocks. Balckmans Bay Tasmania