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A walk in the garden

I finally did it!  I retired from my life as an MRI radiographer last Friday. It was sad to leave my work family who I’ve shared my professional life with for many years but more than that it was a joyous release from the stress and demands of a busy imaging department. I don’t go in for parties much so we settled for a happy, relaxed breakfast for 28 on the waterfront  just a few blocks from the hospital where I’ve worked for the last 20 years. It was a lovely farewell and then I wandered round Salamanca Market and the waterfront with no sense of guilt for frittering away my precious time!

The most common questions I’ve been asked about retiring is ” what are you going to do now?” along with the absurd “will you be coming back part time?”

I’ve got a gazillion plans and projects – so many that I got myself a monthly planner for the art room! I’ve been a tad overwhelmed by how much I have got planned so I’ve given myself permission to just have a 2 week holiday before I jump into any big  projects. Then there are all the small pleasures I didn’t seem to have time for when I worked, like an evening walk around the garden…….

….all those patterns and colours are sure to find their way into one of my future art projects!


Hakea magic unfolds.

Hakea bud
Hakea bud.

Out for my walk at the weekend I picked a branch of Hakea that was sporting some tiny buds. I liked the geometric pattern against the green leaves. When I got home I plonked it in a bottle of water on the kitchen sink and got on with the 101 things I had to do that day.

Emerging Hakea flower
Emerging bud.

While I worked my way through the day’s “to do” list magic occured at the kitchen sink.

Slowly  the brown outer petals ( I know there’s another word but it escapes me at the moment!) opened and a tightly packed lime green ball emerged.





Hakea bud.
Unfurled Hakea bud.

…and then the petals dropped one by one to the counter top and the lime ball expanded bursting into a giant sunshine yellow mass of stamens with just a hint of pink on the stems. I was pretty impressed by the speed of change from a tightly closed brown bud to this stunning fluffy ball of sunshine. Little did I know what was to come!




10The next morning brought another surprise – overnight the stamens had fully unfurled to delicate slim ‘pins’ with tiny lime tips. The white pins were sticking into a bright red pincushion flower. The transformation was amazing! Where did all that sunshine go? How was it changed to red? As the day progressed the white stems deepened to a blush pink and the bright red took on darker tones.



Now I have a beautiful vase of Hakeas gracing my kitchen in all stages of development. I’d love to plant a bush or two but first I’m going to do the wildlife test and put the remains out on my lawn ( once the blooming has finished) and see what the wallabies think. Going on previous form Hakea will be viewed as a tasty addition by the chef to the garden buffet!