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This little artist went to market…

Well….almost. I’ve got a big Christmas market coming up this weekend so am almost finished the prep and ready to pack it all up. It’s been a somewhat painful month as I’ve been plagued by an old RSI injury so I’ve put my custom painting business on hold for 3 months to give it time to rest and heal.

Anyway…back to the market. I’ve been doing a lot of printing, sewing, painting and lampshade making in the lead up to this weekend and it’s been really refreshing to have a lot of variety in my days making.

An eco printed lampshade.
Some little eco printed leather coin purse/key rings
Ecoprinted wool jumper
Upcycled wool wrap printed with eucalyptus leaves
Ecoprinted wool panel bag
Wool cushion printed with eucalyptus leaves
and of course some little mini canvases!

So I’m hoping they sell well and I don’t have to bring too much home as I’m running out of storage room- still there’s always Christmas presents!

I hope you’ve been happily creating whatever it is you love to create!

Now the market’s over.

I’ve been noticeably absent from my blog for the last wee while ( what!! you hadn’t noticed my absence?) Anyway, I’ve been absent, whether noticed or not. I was so busy with being on the organising committee for the first Etsy Made Local market to be held in Tasmania that I hardly even had time to create for my own stall.

It was a roller coaster ride with a lot of last minute hurdles to overcome … I’m a diminuative 5’2″ ( I claim the 2″ but the fact is I’m shrinking and it’s more like 1″ these days) and those hurdles were a big stretch for me. The venue hirer changed the building on us due to a double booking with only days to go and we had to redraw stall plans and a whole lot of flow on effects to deal with.

The lowest point for me was when I went to lock up the building on set up day only to find that they had given me the wrong key. There I was , all on my own, in a building full of vendor’s stock and the faint whiff of goat, it was 8:30 , I’d had no lunch  or dinner and the person who had the key had turned off her phone for the weekend. I couldn’t leave as we needed the key to open up in the morning. If you had passed by on the highway around 9:30 you would have heard the hysterical sobbing of  woman preparing to sleep on a concrete floor after a long day of set up when all she wanted was a hot shower and a soft bed.

One of the committee member’s husband arrived an hour later , mounted on his white steed ( well – driving his 4WD) and sent me home whilst he manned the building. Bless him!!

The market turned out to be a great success for all with massive numbers of buyers and great sales but there are still those who want to focus on the negatives despite it being their biggest ever market success.

Next year I plan to just be a vendor, and to THANK the committee for their hard work and keep my negative snips to myself!!!