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Double the pleasure. Day 19 Photography 101

I like these two ,out at sea in their sturdy little fishing boat. There’s something about the companionship of boating with a friend that is really appealing. The boat glides effortlessly through the calm waters, a salty breeze ruffles your hair as you throw in a fishing line and chat away for a few hours while the fish totally ignore you. And you don’t care that they ignore you. Sharing a day on the water with a friend is double the pleasure.

Gone fishing


Edges – Photography 101

This bridge in a quieter area of Venice is achingly beautiful in it’s simplicity . The mellow red brickwork edged sharply in white stone , the geometrical angles contrasting boldly with the curving steps and  Arabesque windows of the ancient palace facade and the stark shadow of the handrail delineating each step all add up to a visual feast.

There is mystery in the dark shadows under the arch, passion in the splash of red paint that echos the exuberance of the flowers, happenstance in the greenery clinging to the brickwork and balance in each curve and edge. This is the Venice I love.

Venetian bridge
Curvilinear. Venetian Bridge.


Window reflections
Through the window

I was playing around with shots through my kitchen window and was fascinated with how real the reflected plant looks – much more solid and real than the kitchen.

It made me think about how we often see some glaring fault in another, overlooking the real person, as we concentrate on their perceived shortcomings. As we pay more attention we might find that the fault is merely a reflection of our own lack of understanding, empathy and humanity.

I wrote about this photo – baring my soul – and then I went off and experimented with a theme change and bammo! all my words are gone. (So this is just  summary of my previous poetic ramblings)


My Jewel Box – Day 15 Photography 101

Pastel jewels.
A jeweled box of pastels

Today’s topic – Treasure

I had no trouble choosing a subject for this topic since I always think of my pastel sets as jewel boxes. Lift the lid and there lie luminous, pigment packed sticks of brilliance and light. Lucky me – I have boxes of treasure !



Cropping is my friend! Day 15 Photography 101

When I take photos as references for later paintings I often use my artist’s eye to create a composition close to what I will eventually paint. This is just something that happens naturally as I spend my time screening everything I see as a potential painting subject! I scan scenes looking for pleasing squares, portrait , landscape or panorama shaped snippets from the landscape. In effect I “crop” the landscape before I click the shutter.

I find it helps starting with a good composition and then later I’ll crop again looking for compositions within the composition. In this way a single photo might provide references for a whole series of paintings.

The original photo above has many of the elements  I look for in a painting reference:

  • complimentary colours ( blue and yellow)
  • areas of strong contrast ( the shadows on the sand) ,
  • good leading lines ( the diagonal of the beach, the vertical tree trunks and the horizontal water plane)
  • roughly follows the rule of thirds

Here is my first painting using the uncropped photo.

Here I take that original and crop a new series that focuses on the shadows on the beach and the cliff reflections. My favourite is the square format and I plan to use this as a pastel demonstration for reflections very soon (stay tuned).

Next I try a different series where I leave out the beach entirely and look in more detail at sections of the cliff. Here the tall thin composition is a portrait of the large gumtree but I would move the boat off to the left a little. I prefer the square reflection crop and this helps confirm that what really interests me about this subject are the reflections.

So now I zero right in on the reflections and take a look at some more abstract crops. These crops retain the basic elements of complimentary colours, leading lines and areas of strong contrast so will  work equally well as a painting.

So that’s why cropping is my friend!









Scale – Day 14 photography 101

Scale – helping us to see the big picture.

Luckily I took my phone with me on this mornings walk along Blackmans Bay foreshore. The sky was full of luminous breaks in the steely grey clouds and now and then the water was lit by a sliver of silver on the horizon. White sails flapped in the breeze and a few fishermen were out on the rocks to add scale to the huge sky and dark waters.

Fishing from the rocks
Fishing from the rocks. Balckmans Bay Tasmania

Motion – Day 13 Photography 101

I love the way cats respond to movement. Here’s Mink, the cat who walked out of the bush where she had been abandoned as a kitten , and straight into our hearts. She taught our neurotic family cat to be young at heart again and gave her an added lease of life . She took over our son’s bed, standing patiently outside his door until he finally get’s up each day. We bless the day she came by our back door and asked politely but insistently for a change of diet. No more chasing mice and birds ( except as recreational sport) she wanted the real deal from a packet or a can.

I digress, this post is supposed to be about movement – well she did move out of the bush and into our hearts, our house and Youngest Son’s room!

Here are a few shots of her favourite game- chasing down the tape measure as I walk by from the sewing room.

Mink ,our cat.
Mink our rescued cat has just caught sight of something
Here's the tape measure
Ah ah! There it is – the tape measure!
Ah! The tape measure game!
Going for it!
A ball of fury
That’s dinner earned tonight!

Nature – Day 8 Photography 101

Birch Bark
Birch bark patterns


I took a few photos in the garden this morning for the day 9 topic of nature and leading lines. Although I wouldn’t really call these leading lines I do love the random pattern of papery white against chocolate browns on the silver birch tree trunk in my back yard. On the other hand the photo of the plant beside my front door has wonderful red, orange and gold leaves that lead the eye right into the heart of the plant.



The heart of the matter
The heart of the matter