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One thing leads to another…

You know how it is …. you go to the hardware store for a tube of putty for a project you want to finish today , you end up buying a new workbench for the studio and spend the rest of the day reorganising the whole room. At least that’s what I did with my day! What did you do with yours?

…. and no, the project didn’t get finished, but the workbench is a peach!

Bliss! Day 3 Photography 101

Bliss is my studio!
Bliss is coming home from work and disappearing into my studio!

Bliss is the topic for Day 3 in the photography 101 course.

I toyed with the idea of a peanut butter jar but settled for a teaspoon of the luscious, silky peanut butter delight instead. It was a delicious but fleeting bliss.

If I still had my bath I would have poured in some bubbles, grabbed a book and snapped away – but I pulled out the bath a few years ago to make a blissful walk in shower with a pebble floor. I miss my bath – but only on one or two days a year and I love my shower every day.

A block of Lindt chocolate qualifies for a Bliss award on any day but I’m losing weight at the moment in anticipation of an Italian holiday where I will binge on pasta and ice cream for five solid weeks so I have no such blissful block in the house.

Instead I offer this photo of my small but well equipped studio. I feel a blissful state of possibilities whenever I walk through it’s doors. My cares and worries  just fade away while knifing thick swodges of buttery paint onto a tautly stretched canvas. With every stroke of a vibrant soft Schminke pastel across a rough textured paper I peel off another layer of the day’s frustrations. There are no failures within these walls – just the joy of creating, experimenting and learning.

This space is mine – I love this space!