Me and my camera

I love my camera! It’s most important quality is the deep, shiny , cherry redness of it. Let’s face it that’s why I really choose it above all the other offerings out there. Oh … and the 60 x zoom lens which makes me go weak at the knees.

Sure I read some reviews – well actually a lot of reviews because I’m just that kind of person. Sometimes the thing I want has evolved beyond all expectations just by the time I finish the review process. And that’s good thing right? Otherwise I’d be lumbered with what used to be a top of the line , “you won’t buy better than this” thingummyjig when there’s a new generation ( or two) thingummyjig with much better features and benefits. I do know my features and benefits – I read a lot of reviews!

A typical “I really like, want, need one of those” starts with a lot of internal struggle to overcome the guilt of spending a large amount of money on something I don’t actually need. Every human needs clean air, food, water, shelter, safety, love – and there are so many of our human family who don’t have these basic needs that my “wants” start to seem pretty selfish. After the struggle I usually donate a chunk of money to the Fred Hollows Foundation and start the serious business of choosing the best thingummyjig for the amount of money I’ve determined is morally acceptable to spend.

I’m a bit emotionally exhausted at this stage and my enthusiasm starts to wane … I know I want it but the longer the review process goes on the more I think my current model is pretty OK and will I ever work out how to use all those new features anyway. All the weighing up of pros and cons starts to make me tired and grumpy and in the end I give up and make do with the one I already have. The upshot of this is that inevitably my thingummyjig stops working at a critical junction and I race into the nearest shop and buy whatever model stirs some distant memory in the review archive part of my brain. That’s how I bought my last mobile phone anyway.

I probably could have put off the whole camera buying trauma for some time if I hadn’t tripped on a hike at Zion National Park and sprained my ankle. You’re asking why I needed to buy a new camera because I sprained my ankle? Was it because I couldn’t hobble close enough to all those desert icons and needed a longer zoom lens? Actually it was a bit simpler than that-I failed to mention that my camera was enjoying an outing from it’s protective bag at the time of the fall and started faking a critical injury and refusing to work. I suspect it just wanted a holiday too.

I wasn’t looking forward to the hard slog of choosing a replacement – it was only 6 months old but that’s a long time in tech time and I knew I couldn’t just buy the same model – there was bound to be a better one out there by now.

So it was a relief to start reviewing cameras and come across a chunky little number with a stunning red exterior which set it apart from all it’s drab competitors. The other clincher ( as if I needed one) was the “moon” zoom. As soon as I saw the moon crater photos the reviewer claimed I could take with Red Velvet ( yes I named her) from the comfort of my back yard with no more than a simple tripod and a click of the zoom button I was sold. ( Actually I was so lazy I didn’t use the tripod but the moon still looked pretty fab!)

Moon by Red Velvet.jpg


10 thoughts on “Me and my camera

    1. Thanks! I’m not a great photographer – being the point and shoot type- but I take a lot of photos as painting ref material and sometimes I get a good shot.


  1. Oh, wow, she does look fab. I’m a bit jealous actually – well, actually a lot jealous – ok, mega jealous – of this shot. I took one a little similar a month ago, but it isn’t as lovely and crisp as this – even after fiddling with edit settings. I knwo I want a new camera, but I hate everything you described about the process, so I’m just refusing to think about it for a bit longer in the hope that a new Panasonic Lumix will be released that is not a huge “lots of manual settings” one. Should have kept the one I sold to Mum.

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  2. Yes – I should show Red Velvet a bit more respect and read up a bit more about all her little quirks but I just love point and shoot!


    1. I started reading some of your posts – I’m a bit of a Francophile too and usually make it all the way from Aus every year or so. Mainly for the bread and cheeses!!!! Love your cheese post and will go back and comment sometime -(was grabbing a quick read at work and didn’t have time). The Auvergne is one of my favourite regions . i have serious cheese envy!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      1. Oh that is GREAT to know! I hope you get some more time to sneak a peak from time to time. Cheese is the staff of life as far as I am concerned and of course apart from it being beautiful and relatively untouched, Auvergne has more than it’s fair share of the good stuff. I am enjoying your blog very much and hope you will continue to enjoy mine – thankyou for taking the time 🙂


    1. Glad you enjoyed it Andrew, Red Velvt had an accident and now I hae Blck Velvet- she takes as good a photo but it’s not quite the same 😦


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