The art of recycled packaging.

I love a beautifully packaged gift but I hate the waste of paper and card it generates so I had a bit of a dilemma when I decided I would like to package some of the handmade items I sell in my Etsy shop. It wasn’t just the aesthetics I was after it was also something sturdy enough to keep items in good shape while making their way around the world to their new owners.

My solution was to use scrap cardboard used in packaging disposable items from my workplace. The card is a really good thickness and size with a white side and a natural cardboard side. The sheets have no writing and a great for making all sorts of packaging.



Because I use various handmade stamp designs to print on my fabric bags and cushion covers I decided to coordinate  the packaging by using the same stamps on the boxes and envelopes . I also do a range of hand painted cushion covers and I draw a mini design to match on the cardboard wraps.

… and then I thought why not make little folded cards for my earrings using the same dragonfly stamp.


I also made an early decision to keep any branding to a bare minimum and never tape closed a box. I’ve come up with some creative ways to fasten boxes and envelopes so that the recipient can recycle the already recycled gift box or envelope to pack their own gifts.

As time goes on I’m finding more and more ways to fold and fashion minimalist yet stylish recycled packaging. Packaging can be art too!

Stay tuned for an easy to follow demo on how to make the dragonfly box. I’ve got it in the pipeline for next week.

12 thoughts on “The art of recycled packaging.

  1. OK so now I’m excited. I have just bookmarked your Etsy Shop … full of lovely things and I just need an excuse to get browsing for some cheeky purchases 🙂


    1. Glad you like the shop – it’s the equivalent of a storage closet for me . Everything i want to paint, sew or make but just don’t have wall space for or enough days in the year to wear. There is surprisingly a limit to the number of earrings and bags a girl can have!


  2. Thanks Brian! I’m not so great with words but I do like to play with more tangible stuff in a creative way. You , on the other hand, have a great way with words ( and possibly more tangible stuff as well).


    1. I love using something that woud otherwise be thrown out – and then having someone else reuse it again is an added bonus! And making it beautiful as well as functional is a great feeling.


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