Cleaning day in the studio.

I’m a bit of a slob when it comes to cleaning my pastels. On Saturday I was doing a little painting and pulled out a brown stick of pastel, swiped on a good solid swathe only to find it was really a deep, luscious red!

With that little bit of motivation a grabbed a rag and started cleaning- now I have a box of glowing pastel sticks sitting on a new bed of rice ( brown of course!) The rice keeps the sticks clean as they roll around and rub against the grains – polenta is even better but I’d eaten it all!

12 thoughts on “Cleaning day in the studio.

      1. I think it’s awesome that you work with pastel colours. I am still learning but I don’t use mine as much as you do. I like the rainbows under my fingernails at the end of a fun painting session. Best wishes. xo

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  1. Pastels are so much fun! They go on so quick before you know it the painting is done. I love the colours – and yes my fingernails do get that rainbow look as well.!


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