Motion – Day 13 Photography 101

I love the way cats respond to movement. Here’s Mink, the cat who walked out of the bush where she had been abandoned as a kitten , and straight into our hearts. She taught our neurotic family cat to be young at heart again and gave her an added lease of life . She took over our son’s bed, standing patiently outside his door until he finally get’s up each day. We bless the day she came by our back door and asked politely but insistently for a change of diet. No more chasing mice and birds ( except as recreational sport) she wanted the real deal from a packet or a can.

I digress, this post is supposed to be about movement – well she did move out of the bush and into our hearts, our house and Youngest Son’s room!

Here are a few shots of her favourite game- chasing down the tape measure as I walk by from the sewing room.

Mink ,our cat.
Mink our rescued cat has just caught sight of something
Here's the tape measure
Ah ah! There it is – the tape measure!
Ah! The tape measure game!
Going for it!
A ball of fury
That’s dinner earned tonight!

8 thoughts on “Motion – Day 13 Photography 101

  1. Hello Lindy. I found your blog while reading comments in the Comments. I’m doing the Commenting Bootcamp course, maybe you are too. You sound a very interesting person, you like art, travel and cats – sounds like me! So you live in Tasmania? Have you always lived there? Do you ever go to that big island above you, called Oz? Have you ever been to Europe? Sorry for all the questions!


    1. Hi Georgie, nice to hear from you. Yes I’m doing the commenting bootcamp too and have come across some great blogs. I’ll be visiting yours later as we sound like we have a lot in common. I’ve always lived in Tasmania and love this little island. I’ve visited much of the East coast of Australia and got as far across as Adelaide but never made it to the red center or the far north. Have done a fair bit of travel to Europe – we spent our honeymoon driving a beat up Renault around GB and the continent making it as far as the Greek Islands and Istanbul. Four glorious months of adventure! We took our 2 sons 4 times , my Mum twice and my 2 nieces on another trip. We love the culture, architecture, food and scenery! In 8 weeks we’re off to Italy for 5 weeks of gelato, pasta and sunshine! We’re branching out to the Us and Canada last year and next. What travels have you been on?

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      1. What travels have I been on? A very good question! In the last five years we have visited 42 Greek islands by boat. In my whole life I have travelled a lot as my father was in the RAF. I’ve lived abroad and been to school abroad. My mum emigrated to Oz when I was 16, leaving me at boarding school, I visited her in Brisbane a few times and took my son on holiday there after she died in 2000.

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      2. I didn’t even know there were 42 Greek islands! That’s a lot of travel – keep on enjoying it!


      3. Thanks. Actually there are around 300 inhabited Greek islands and almost 3000 in total if you count every named rock….


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