LindyWhittonStudio YouTube Channel

Join me on YouTube for my pastel painting course. The course will be structured to cater for the absolute beginner and progress from the materials you need to get started through basic mark making techniques and on to composition,creating textures, underpainting right through to how to fix your painting  and prepare and frame it.

As I post new videos I’ll add a link to this page. I aim to add a new lesson every fortnight so come and join me for a year of lessons.

Lesson 1 : Choosing Your Pastels

Lesson 2: Choosing Your Paper

Lesson 3: How do I choose the colour of my paper?



    1. Sorry You couldn’t understand me. I’m new at YouTube and will hopefully get better.
      Here’s a quick list – I’ll do a post soon with more information.
      Soft pastels- Sennelier, Schminke, Great American Artist and my favourite Unison – these are all great brands but quite expensive
      Hard pastel sticks – Conte
      Check back soon and I’ll do a proper post all about pastel brands and types .

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  1. This sounds wonderful! I watched a couple of minutes of your first video — that’s a lot of pastels! I’ve been wanting to do art classes with my daughter’s homeschool lessons, and this might be just the thing for us! Thanks for sharing your videos.


    1. Glad it might be useful! I plan to post a lesson a fortnight so the next one will be on the first painting with pastels – I will be choosing a simple subject and will post the photo here so anyone can download and paint along if they want.

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  2. belatedly appreciative of your lighting the touchpaper of enthusiasm for novice, closet pastel lovers such as myself


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