A painting that the blind can see

Recently a work friend asked me to paint her a large acrylic painting – she just gave me a few hints- water, maybe a rock or two and some sand. I’m used to clients being pretty prescriptive about what they want. There’s usually a photo or three and several emails before we settle on exactly what I’ll be painting and how. My friend was very open – she just wanted those blue green waters and the rest was up to me. It was such a pleasure to paint that I felt I hadn’t really earned my fee – so I decided to donate a large chunk of it to the Fred Hollows Foundation. So now whenever my friend looks at her painting she will know that four people can now see because she asked me to to paint it. I kind of like that thought.

Rock and seagull
Rock detail – East coast colours.

15 thoughts on “A painting that the blind can see

  1. I agree….a generous gesture. My mother ultimately lost her sight for the last 15 years of her life, she was an avid reader. Loosing one’s sight is a life changing event. I love your painting and the close-up of the rock, well done!


    1. It’s one affliction I hope never to have to bear – my sight is so much worse that a few years ago I’m daily reminded to be grateful for it. I do love painting rocks these days – it wasn’t always so!!

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    1. Thank you Moses-I’ve been browsing your blog and like what I see there – I’ll keep checking in.


  2. Ditto to other comments you AMAZING creature! How did I ever help to get you here? {please don’t answer that in detail!} Proud to see you develop so many talents and share them in so many {and this particular one} in such generous ways. Well i have great experience of your generosity. Thank you for being who you are!


  3. Well I get the generosity from you and Dad – you know that. So – thanks for teaching me to share!


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