I was expecting the beautiful beaches of Sardinia but this small island has so much more to captivate and delight the senses. I’m not downplaying  the beaches though as I’m a big fan of turquoise waters, small sandy coves and coastal flora!



The water is warm and inviting and not only did I do my fair share of swimming and snorkelling but I managed to fill up my sketch book and break out the pastels for a painting session. It was a bit frustrating with the pastels as I just didn’t bring enough colours to really capture the full gamut of greens and blues in the water but I enjoyed the simple ink and watercolour sketches.


Ink and watercolour. Sardinia
Capo Coda Cavallo


The wildflowers were in full bloom everywhere. Fields of dinner plate sized Queen Annes Lace carpeted the countryside and along the coast were the yellow curry plants with their pungent perfume, bright pink pigs face, delicate purple and pinks of flowers I have no name for yet and more of those QALs.


It’s not all beaches and flowers, there’s plenty of culture and history when you need a break from all that blue and green sea! There’s a rich history of Nuraghi settlements and burial necropoli to explore as well as the influence of the conquering Spanish and the early Christian churches. I found the Nuraghi  necropoli sites very evocative and was impressed with the innovative architecture of one of  their protective fortresses with it’s maze of passageways and stairs.

The early Christian churches have some wonderful carvings and were set in lonely fields and on stoney outcrops giving them an air of mystery and romantacism.

We even stumbled upon a cheery festival and saw evidence that the traditional costume is still worn on special occassions.

Traditional Sardinian costume at the cherry festival.

Evening light

A short stroll down to the local beach in the evening rewarded with a moody evening light. The pine forest on the headland cast dramatic shadows and the setting sun silhouetted the wetland trees.

Evening. Tanaunella beach . Sardinia
Evening light in the pines

Rocky landscapes

The wind has weathered the rocks creating interesting rockscapes.



There’s  a hinterland of mountains and rolling farmlands wiith small villages scattered across the landscape that provide an interesting contrast to all that coastal scenery.


14 thoughts on “Sardinia.

  1. It’s been on my must-list for so many years and now you convince me to stop dickering around and do it … of to share with the husband but to be frank if he disagrees he’s on potnoodles for a while whilst I go!


    1. Lots of places we both looked at each other and said ” Mum would love this”. Keeping safe as long as you don’t include gelato overload! See you soon. Love xox


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