End of holiday blues.

It’s always hard coming back after a holiday. Holidays mean the freedom of unscheduled days, hours of sunshine when I don’t have to be cooped up inside, an unspoken agreement that it’s OK to eat all those forbidden foods I usually ration out and a winding down from months of stressful work. It’s no surprise that I’m  grumpy and out of sorts when it all ends!

Heading off I feel it will all be worth the 26 hours of  airports and flights . I pack and repack happily, weighing suitcases to calculate how much I’ve left for the all important holiday buys. Do I really need those black sandals? Surely it won’t be cold enough for a jumper? I carefully choose a lightweight read and  even look forward to watching a few movies on the longhaul flight. I stock up on chocolate and nuts at the airport and look forward to 5 weeks of blissful sun, sea, culture and good food.

It’s a different story on the way home! I curse the extra sandals as I try to crush in the last of the gifts. I decide I’ll have to carry the thick and weighty jacket I had to buy because it did get cold enough for the jumper I didn’t pack – and it annoys me all the way home as I haul it in and out of overhead lockers. The movies are rubbish and I the books I chose is dull. I don’t have any chocolate because I couldn’t face the queue to buy it but that’s OK since I feel sick as a dog.

I can’t wait to be back in my own home but once I am there’s all that unpacking and washing and sorting of clothes . The piles of gifts sit and look at me accusingly as I try and work out when I’m going to get to see all the people I want to visit now that I’m not on holidays anymore. The rain pours down and my nose streams as I hack and splutter with a welcome home cold. Jet lag kicks in and I can’t sleep for nights on end – the days at work are a blur as I try and act professional through gritty eyes and gritted teeth. I almost resign on the first day back but manage to keep my mouth shut and get on with it.

A week later and sleep returns and the very next day I find myself planning next years holiday. After all there’s only 11 months to go!


10 thoughts on “End of holiday blues.

    1. Well – rollercoasters are fun! ( except for the vommitting over the person below you on the really awful, scary bits)


  1. I am exactly the same way at the end of a trip. I’m not happy about ANYTHING, and everyone fully understands that they need to stay away from me for a few days… 😉


    1. Usually I’m happily babbling away about my holiday after a couple of days but a whole week went by without a babble or a chirp this time!

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  2. Perfectly put – there is a world of difference between the going and the return. For me the absolute worst bit is the unpacking and laundry. But the dreams will take hold over the next few weeks and you will plot and scheme and plan away and soon enough it will be time to adventure again …

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    1. Exactly! We holiday despite the unpacking and the laundry. Half the fun is the dreaming and scheming the poring over accommodation sites the goggle imaging and the shortlisting. Hope you,re rested from your recent travels and the suitcase is unpacked and back under the bed till next time!

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