My memory popped out for a walk…not sure it’s coming back!

You know how it is pop out for a few minutes to pick up some milk, next thing you know 3 hours have passed ! I was at a friends 50th birthday BBQ today and my memory took the opportunity to slip out for a wander and just forgot to come back! I was chatting away happily to people I knew  ( their names ,not just their faces, for a change) when a new arrival started doing the introduction rounds. When he got to me he said ” Oh I know Lindy already”. Well I was smart enough to infer that we must have met because he knew my name but not smart enough to stop myself blurting out ” where did we meet?” Turns out I work with him ! Apparantly he’s new , and in my defence he wasn’t in uniform, but another friend kindly ( and loudly) pointed out he’d helped us with a difficult transfer only 2 days before!

If only my memory was more reliable. I just can’t trust it any more with even the most basic tasks. The Writer knows this so sent me a text to remind me to pick up the milk on the way home because I forgot the note to remind me to pick up the milk!

7 thoughts on “My memory popped out for a walk…not sure it’s coming back!

    1. I was meaning to reply but got sidetracked for a second and here it is days later and I finally remembered. Now the question is What was I going to do when I got interrupted by remembering to do this?


  1. This was funny, Lindy. I think your memory is fine. BBQ parties tend to short circuit facial recognition centres in the brain. Brains prefer BBQ related multitasking like, holding plate in one hand and shaking a bottle of sauce on some baby back ribs with the other. Good luck out there.


  2. I obviously didn’t take into account the BBQ factor. My memory thanks you for your vote of confidence – it doesn’t get many lately.


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