What tomorrow brought.

After a very frustrating morning dealing with a courier over a UK delivery gone wrong I threw myself into finishing yesterdays painting …. and here it is.


I ‘m pleased with the distant boat  as it gives some perspective and I like the hint of white against all that blue and green.


But I’m not sure if the foreground water needs something else.

koh-lao-liang-cliffs .. and the trees were a bit of a trial!

koh-lao-liang-treesLove to hear what you think of it.

9 thoughts on “What tomorrow brought.

  1. Still love the island cliff!!!! And I like the darker water near the cliffs but realise that you wanted that darker because its a little in the shade of those cliffs. I don’t think I dare criticize anything of yours but maybe the green in the water is very green? Love the shadows of the trees on the sand and I wish it was my painting and I wouldn’t try to change a thing if I had done it! Not the water for sure!
    Keep being colourful!


  2. Yes- the water is quite green but I’m OK with that because it’s tropical and it was really that green! The shadows add a bit of contrast and there’s so much green every bit of contrast helps!


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