The RDO report- a black sheep day.

On Monday I posted off  my latest commission and was waiting for a client to get back to me before I could start the next one so Tuesday found me with a RDO (rare day off) and no paintings waiting to be done! That really doesn’t happen often at this time of year with a steady stream of Christmas commissions coming in( as I write there’s already a new painting on the easel and 2 more waiting to be started).

Scottish Moors - acrylic on canvas painitng
Scottish Moors – just finished.
Lone Mountain – current work in progress

With no painting on the go I found myself eyeing off my stash of fabric and favourite black sheep stamp . I love cottons and had a lovely earthy piece with tan,cream and terracotta stripes that I decided to pair with a tan cotton drill and turn into a couple of bags. I stamped away happily , making some decorative patches to sew on the flaps and backs and then spent a few hours at the sewing machine which has been feeling very neglected lately. By the end of the day I’d finished off 3 bags featuring the sheep print  and felt reconnected to my  sewing machine !


But now it’s back to the easel……………I need to get some big snow covered pines on the foreground ridge , and maybe a few falling snowflakes.

10 thoughts on “The RDO report- a black sheep day.

  1. Where do I start? I love the sheep bags …. I wonder if my husband would accept a man-bag if I bought it for him? I’ll give it more thought. The painting of the moors is stunning – I’ve walked that path, I’m quite certain and of course the snowy mountain is bound to call to me. Where do I start? I don’t … I just look on in awe!


    1. Thanks for your kind words. The moors are calling to me after this painting which I did for a Scottish friend at work. His home town is down in the valley. I hope to get back to Scotland one day.

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  2. Granted, my eyes aren’t what they used to be, but still, when the mountain scene first scrolled into view I initially thought it was an older photograph. Very nice! The moors and the sheep totes are lovely as well, but that mountain really got me… 😉


    1. What a nice compliment – despite your decrepit eye sight! I’ve added those trees now so will post the finished painting soon.


  3. I loved both the paintings and the bags. Scottish Moor is just so right and the mountain of course jumped right off the screen and into my very appreciative mind; it’s lovely aNd I look forward to seeing the other parts you said you would be adding.
    My day has been mostly in the kitchen as The Bevis two are coming this afternoon.


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