Water, water everywhere…

I love water and my last fèw clients have obliged by giving me a set of diverse water subjects to explore. Each one had their own challenge and I enjoyed them all!

I loved the beautiful autumn trees and it was a challenge to capture their reflections and still keep the emerald green of this lake.

Autumn reflections. Açrylic painting.


This one was all about that sunset and not making the reflected colours too garish.

Sunset reflections. Acrylic painting.


Another lake with more subtle sky reflections. I needed to create that quiet moment when dusk settles over the landscape.

Evening sky. Acrylic painting.


And lastly, a beach scene with some lovely reflections of two friends  in the wet  sand.

The beach walk. Acrylic painting.


It’s  been a busy month but  very rewarding as I help to realise my clients vision for a special Christmas gift. Now I better start  on my own gift giving list!

18 thoughts on “Water, water everywhere…

  1. I love water … all water – oceans, rivers, lakes, puddles, rain you name it. Ponds too. They are pretty special here. So this series of paintings has me gasping in delight and awe that you can actually make water on canvass so real that I want to splosh in it!


  2. I didn’t know that that painted in acrylics as well. These are all so beautiful though. Each of them has something that just grabs you and makes you go “Wow. That’s beautiful.” Thank you for sharing.


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