A walk in the garden

I finally did it!  I retired from my life as an MRI radiographer last Friday. It was sad to leave my work family who I’ve shared my professional life with for many years but more than that it was a joyous release from the stress and demands of a busy imaging department. I don’t go in for parties much so we settled for a happy, relaxed breakfast for 28 on the waterfront  just a few blocks from the hospital where I’ve worked for the last 20 years. It was a lovely farewell and then I wandered round Salamanca Market and the waterfront with no sense of guilt for frittering away my precious time!

The most common questions I’ve been asked about retiring is ” what are you going to do now?” along with the absurd “will you be coming back part time?”

I’ve got a gazillion plans and projects – so many that I got myself a monthly planner for the art room! I’ve been a tad overwhelmed by how much I have got planned so I’ve given myself permission to just have a 2 week holiday before I jump into any big  projects. Then there are all the small pleasures I didn’t seem to have time for when I worked, like an evening walk around the garden…….

….all those patterns and colours are sure to find their way into one of my future art projects!


16 thoughts on “A walk in the garden

  1. God bless you on this new adventure. I still have 4 more years before that big R date. Looking forward to more lessons from you


  2. To be honest, I spent the whole first MONTH of my retirement doing absolutely nothing of importance. Then I slowly eased into a vague schedule where I write half a day and then spend the other half doing all those things I’ve always wanted to do (and that still involves a lot of “nothing of importance, and it’s wonderful). Embrace the freedom, and best of luck!

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    1. Nothing of importance sounds just the ticket. I can’t say I’ll be doing nothing since I’m a bit of a project girl – but it’s going to be wonderful to do what I want – however unimportant.

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    1. Will make it up North soon. Might even ride the scooter for an adventure – although I might have to camp half way given it’s speed!


  3. Let the new adventure commence! I send you my warmest wishes for a wonderful, fruitful and busy busy busy retirement. I am sure you don’t need my encouragement to achieve it!!!


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