A day trip to Bruny Island

I’ve been wanting a day trip to Bruny Island all January but The Writer was hanging out for the perfect day. He was after all those blue sky and sparkling sea shots. I was all for just going and working with the weather! So last Saturday I got up early , packed lunch and said “Let’s go”- and off we went.

I have to say I was quite happy with a few clouds- I’ve got lots of sunny shots from previous trips . My first solo art exhibition was inspired by a day trip to Bruny on an astonishingly beautiful summers day and I was looking for a different, more moody side of the island. The early morning light was subdued and the water took on a silver sparkle.

A touch of peach


I love this into the sun shot at the Neck and have already painted a small pastel using it as reference.

A silver day silhouette

I added a little more colour and used a square format. I’m a bit of a fan of the square for small paintings.

Pastel painting “Silver Day”

The clouds came and went creating some interesting skies and reflections.

Silver sands- Bruny Island

…and the water kept on sparkling.

The Wave – Bruny Island

The tidal flats had just enough shallow water to make for great reflections of the amazing clouds…

Tidal flats reflections

And finally the sun took over the day and we had a swim and a snorkle in the fairly chilly water at Coal Pt with it’s weathered rocks that have been wind blasted creating a myriad circular pockets in the rock.

Coal Pt. weathered rocks.

Then off to Adventure Bay for a few shots in the bright sunlight to satisfy The Writer.

Adventure Bay – lagoon reflections.

The lovely tracery of shadows on the sand inspired another painting…


All in all, another stunning day on this small island off an island.


17 thoughts on “A day trip to Bruny Island

  1. I just started taking your pastel painting course and finished my first painting. I would love another course using either of the last two photos here. I love them!


  2. Gorgeous paintings! I sometimes forget how good of a pastelist you are! I especially loved the last one, the colors and design is perfect. Loved your photos, especially the tidal reflections one…..gorgeous. Where do you live by the way? Is this close by to you?


    1. Thanks for your kind words! I live just south of Hobart in Tasmania ( the southern island state of Australia) on a 5 acre block in the bush. Bruny Island is a 20 minute drive further south and then a 15 minute ferry ride. I live in a beautiful part of the world with mountains, beaches, waterfalls and farming valleys all within an hours drive. Your part of the world is just lovely too.

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      1. Ah but I am about 3 1/2 or so from the beach….I could use the beach a lot closer. I hope to retire on the North Coast as we call it here in California….it looks so peaceful where you live. I probably need to re-trace your blog and look at it more extensively. Very intriguing landscapes there.


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