Three mediums and three paintings.

I got such a positive reaction to my recent pastel painting of Adventure Bay that I did another for my Mum’s “World’s Greatest Shave ” fundraiser auction. There’s already been anabsentee  overseas bid for it so I hope it does well for the Leukaemia Foundation on the night. This photo is on the dark side- need to hone up my photography skills a bit .

Adventure Bay – pastel on sanded paper

A friend saw the first pastel on Instagram and asked if I could paint a small canvas for her as it brought back lot’s of childhood memories of holidays spent at Adventure Bay.So I went ahead and painted this one today. I think it’s my favourite because of the lively colours in the shadows on the sand.

Adventure Bay – acrylic on canvas
Adventure Bay – acrylic on canvas

Then I decided to break out my new Schminke watercolours and try a large (for me) painting. I really only use watercolours for pen and wash sketches these days so this was a bit of an adventure. I did find I’d forgotten a lot of the techniques but was happy I’d remembered any to be frank! I like the reflections, the clouds are OK ,the shadows are too pink and the foilage is overworked.

Adventure Bay- watercolours

It was interesting trying the same painting in pastels, acrylics and watercolours and made we want to brush up my watercolour technique and try a few more. We’ll see how that goes!


9 thoughts on “Three mediums and three paintings.

  1. Clever thing, you! I liked them all but my favourite is the acrylic on canvas. Wish your overseas person was bidding on the auction painting! But there might be a hiatus with the payment perhaps!


  2. You were able to capture the scene in all three mediums, wow you are talented 😉 your water in the watercolor version really grabs my admiration because water in that medium is difficult. My favorite is the pastel and only because the color really sparkles on that one. I think that is why I truly love pastel and it is the brilliance that one that achieve.


  3. lindywhitton Im a fan and have been teaching myself how to paint with soft pastels for around 5 years now and love to practice but as my color skills are lacking considerably i paint step by step demos of favorite artists and books to practice as well. I do a value sketch and then begin to block in. I also like to emulate a painting that excites and catches my gaze! I saw your work here on W.P. and immediately fell in love with your work! I LOVE strong contrast,bright light and intresting shadow patterns so when i saw this beauty i had to paint it someday! So i downloaded the image just a month ago and today i see it again and instantly knew that i had seen it before so the universe was telling me something so anyways i just wanted to ask if you minded if i paint this gorgeous white sand beach scene? Im not trying to sell my attempt when done and if i post it say in here or id obviously give you credit and could link it to your profile here or your website? If not i totally understand. Im going way out of my comfort zone to even ask but the coincidence of this situation is great. I mean maybe ill have a epiphany about painting ? Probably not but i hope you allow me to. Uou would make me happy as a clam!?


    1. I would be happy for you to make a copy. It’s a great way to learn and develop by analysing other artists paintings and seeing if you can use some of them in your own. If you like my style you might be interested in my Patreon page where I’m doing a whole lot of painting demos and lessons in pastel and acrylic. This month and next month I’m concentrating on colour which sounds right up your street! Anyway here’s the address if you want to check it out.
      I’m enjoying picturing you happy as a clam:)

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