Instagram glam.

I’ve started posting on Instagram. I’m trying to post every day but not always making it. Why don’t I always make it. Here’s why…

my life is full of not so perfect moments

half finished projects in a messy room

cakes with sunken tops and no icing

windows that need cleaning

no makeup and sleepy hair

overcast skies

dishes in the sink

jam dripping off the discarded spoon

surly son who finds it hard to show the love I know is there

dead flies behind the couch where I seldom clean

claw marks where the cat has shredded the leather sofa

a fridge full of left overs

half a tomato someone left on the bench and now it’s growing mould


Instagram is full of perfect moments

a fantasy chocolate cake iced to perfection against a vase of full bloom roses

sunlight cascading through the sparkling kitchen window lighting up the polished apples in a golden bowl

elegant furnishings with artfully arranged throws and a puurfect feline accessory

an open fridge door displaying groaning shelves of appealing fruit and veg

windswept hair and rosy complexion

white tunic dress whipping round slender legs against the waters edge

smiling children, eager to please and be pleased


Instaglam instasham

I want to start a revolution

maybe I’ll post each day the way it is …..








16 thoughts on “Instagram glam.

  1. Oh the over-edited world of Instagram! I think you should start a revolution (I’ll join you) … let’s call it ‘The Imperfectly Normal Club’ … I actually think you will go viral.

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  2. WOW I’ll join the revolt too ! who cares how perfect ones life is…brings to mind the little ditty…
    Dust if you must, but wouldn’t it be better, to paint a picture or write a letter…..

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  3. I haven’t used Instagram but surely we should be “as we are”. Sometimes everything falls in place at the one time and the perfect moment etches itself on our memory. maybe these are the one you have seen?
    Or do you mean that Instagram is ONLY for perfect posted moments.
    Anyway you have lots of those: beside the sea, when a painting makes you zing after you finish it, when everyone in the house is in harmony, when your little nephew is pleased to be in your company and so on and on. Perfect has never been for every day or how would we value it so much?
    Start your revolution if you wish!

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    1. Yes – there are those perfect moments and I’m happy to see them. ..and I do have lots of great moments . i just think it would be nice if we all shared some of the less perfect moments as well as the perfect.


  4. I think you just inspired me to start messing around with my Instagram account again. Of course, I’ll have to figure out what my password might be since I haven’t signed in since 1812… 😉

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  5. I just pot stuff I like – whether it is good, bad or indifferent. I’m with you – all those perfectly casual posed shots, especially the lovely scenery with a stupid person positioned dramatically in them! Gosh, some people need to get a life 🙂 Mess and all – life is to be lived, fabulously and individually. Love you Sis.


  6. Love this post and I hope you do start an Instalution (Instagram Revolution). Maybe even make a hashtag, I would totally use it.


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