A change is as good as a holiday…

I decided to test the old adage that a change is as good as a holiday so I changed my blog theme and I’ll tell you  when I get back from my upcoming Europe holiday if it was as good as 6 weeks of culture, food, art, landscapes, coastlines and general hedonistic holiday revelry.

Sorry to keep you on tenterhooks for the next few weeks but it’s anyones guess how this little experiment will turn out.

11 thoughts on “A change is as good as a holiday…

    1. We’re starting with a week in Scicily and then flying to Munich for a week in that general region- side trip to Vienna and Czech Republic then 4 weeks in France ( Alsace, Brittany and Languedoc and a few pont in between) with a quick side trip to Barcelona. Quite a lot of ground to cover in only six weeks but we;re not bothered by a bit of driving when the scenery is so fantastic.

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      1. That’s quite a trip … staggering in fact! I look forward to seeing the pictures and paintings that result – you will certainly have much food for your creativity!

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  1. Just a quick day trip to Spain this time Teresa. We have a longer Spain trip planned for the future. I love the Odessa National Park whee we’ve done some walking in the past, Barcelona is fabulous and last time we visited I discovered the joys of some of the smaller villages.


    1. I was wondering about “urning” out. Hoping it was meant as turn out- which seemed a more optomistic outlook for a holiday or an experiment.

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