Pre flight checklist..

I’ve just been doing my pre flight checklist.
The bags have been packed, weighed, repacked and reweighed and are now sitting on the doorstep ready to go.
There’s a few meals in the freezer for the IT Geek for those nights when the days have been too busy.
I’ve visited Mum and had a good long dose of her loveliness.
I’ve planned The Writers funeral in the wee hours of the morning ( should I bring his body home or just scatter his ashes in France where he so loves to be?)
The sheets are washed and in the dryer ready to make up a fresh new bed for the first night home.
The list of phone numbers is safely installed on the phone and the in laws have been rung for a goodbye.(managed not to seek their opinion on where The Writer should be scattered)
I’ve made and scheduled 6 videos for release on You Tube every Monday we’re away so as not to disappoint my die hard fans.
The “Closed for holidays” sign is in my Etsy shop window.
Only one last thing to check……
The cat was definitely out of the bag before I locked it wasn’t she?

7 thoughts on “Pre flight checklist..

  1. Whew! Glad you got that all sorted by home-leaving time. You will have completed the first {short!} leg of your journey now, so good flying for the other two [long!} legs -and more after that.
    May the sun shine kindly for you both during this holiday and the good Lord keep you safe in His care { and may no ashes-scattering need be considered for many, many years!}


  2. A seasoned traveller for sure …. that is a mighty organised list and a mighty fine achievement that all is checked off the list. I do hope you enjoy your Odyssey and I must say I had a bit of a jolt when I read ‘planned the writer’s funeral’ …. I thought I had missed something and scurried back through your more recent posts, picking up a couple that I had missed which was a treat and am now confident that this was just a little biting wit and that I can rest easy again. So I wish you BOTH a wonderful trip and look forward to seeing your output when refuelled with inspiration.


    1. Yeah, my Sister has a little “sark” of her own. i can assure you my BIL is well and healthy, although they do seem to incur health-related misadventures on their trips away, so some extra good wishes are always in need. 🙂

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      1. You can imagine where I went, Claudette given my slightly melancholy mindset at the moment! Thank you for the clarity … I shall watch for the sark bites in future! 🦈

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      2. We are a family of “sarkies” 🙂 It helps keep us all sane (mostly). I hope the Mel & Colly show hits the road soon, I’m sure there are other people they need to go and bother.

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      3. Ha! A story to amuse. Last year, I had an extremely irritating woman from a home improvement store come out to advise on upgrading the kitchen. A job that you would imagine would take an hour. 5 hours later and losing the will to live I made a caustic remark (can’t remember what) and she paused in her gushing tracks and said ‘Oh. Are you being sarcastic?’ I responded ‘Yes. I’m English. It’s the law in my country’. ‘Oh, how interesting, I didn’t know that’ she replied as I through myself in desperation on my own sword ….. sarcasm is wonderful but only if the recipient has the wit to understand it!!!!

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      4. Oh, 5 hours. I think I would have invented an on the spot contagious disease -or some gruesome reminiscences of some sort to scare her off. It is true that sarcasm is wasted on those too thick to understand. 🙂

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