Huon River Painting Demo

I love the Huon River in all it’s moods. Here it is on an overcast day , full of atmosphere and quiet beauty. The grasses and bushes on the river bank add another layer of interest and texture against the backdrop of misty mountains and gentle reflections.Here’s the reference photo to go along with my YouTube video .( If you want to paint along feel free to use this photo.)aa


Here’s the video.

…and here’s the pastel set I used ( along with a few Conte sticks for sharper details on the boat.)

Unison landscape set

9 thoughts on “Huon River Painting Demo

    1. Thanks Robert. It’s interesting how one small area of a painting can really catch your eye. It doesn’t matter how awful any of my paintings turn out there’s always a magic spot somewhere.

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    1. Thanks Osyth! I find it very calming to paint – even when it’s going wrong I don’t get fussed- I chill so much I often forget to complete a sentence and leave the viewers wondering what I’m drivelling on about! A bit of judicious editing is helpful…

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    1. You can buy individual sticks of all the good brands. I know what you mean about sets- there’s always the colours that get used up quickly and then the few lonely ones that still look untouched! As long as I make a note of the colour I can always get replacements for the ones I use up quickly and sets are often a lot cheaper than buying the same number of individual sticks. I have to confess I have a lot of different sets as well as my general purpose box which is made up of all sorts of brands.


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