An Unexpected Exhibition

I’ve been suffering with the flu and bronchitis over the last 2 weeks. The worst of it is the coughing which is persistent, wracking and brought on by talking, moving, sitting, lying down, also ,thinking about talking, sitting, moving,lying down  and everything in between. At last it’s easing up a bit and I have whole hours in the morning when the cough is silent only to release itself with a vengeance when I sit down on the couch at the end of the day to quietly watch a bit of TV.

During the worst of it I really couldn’t do more than curl up on the couch with a book and my laptop. I tried to catch up on some research and had good intentions of posting a blog but I was just too tired to be bothered. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt so weak and pathetic and although I tried to focus on being grateful for how healthy I usually am, I mostly dozed and coughed.

I did get round to putting in an application for gallery space at the local arts precinct. They take applications for next year round about now and it usually takes a couple of application rounds before you get a space on the program. I was very surprised to get an email saying they’d had a cancellation and would I like 2 weeks at the end of September, THIS YEAR!

It’s a wonderful gallery in an old colonial wharehouse building. It’s right in the heart of a major tourist area and just upstairs from the iconic Salamanca Market . There are thick wooden beams overhead and beautiful wooden floorboards underfoot. A quality space that I’ve exhibited in once before and really enjoyed.

Sidespace Gallery
Sidespace Gallery

So , of course I said yes. I didn’t let a little thing like needing to have 40 paintings ready in just over 5 weeks stand in my way! I did a quick count of paintings I had ready to go and I probably have another 20 to finish in the lead up to the exhibition.

Surprisingly, standing at the easel and concentrating on brushstokes, colours and shapes must have some effect on the cough centre of the brain. I found that my coughing eased while I was painting (even though it came back with a vengeance when I put down the brush.) What a bonus!

The studio is filling up.

Now I’m in full blown painting mode. Into the studio every morning and working straight through to lunch, a quick soup or sandwich, then back for another session till dinner time. I’ve started with small canvases and am working my way up to some bigger sizes. The studio is beginning to fill up and I’m loving the process. I finish a canvas and then use the left over paint on the palette to prime the next canvas- it’s a great way to get a sense of continuity between the canvases.

Each canvas primed with the left over paint from the previous painting.


I’ve settled on “Water’s Edge” as the title and am enjoying working on a series of  waterscapes large and small. It’s a subject I’m passionate about and I’m hoping this comes across in the finished works.

Some of the smaller canvases.


Will keep you updated as I go. Back to the studio now!








20 thoughts on “An Unexpected Exhibition

    1. I have a few pastels to paint over the next few weeks so will definitely be videoing them. Just had a couple of weeks off because of the cough but hope to be back into it next week.


    2. Thank you. Unfortunately I don’t have time to video the exhibition pieces but I may be able to video the pastel paintings I’ll be doing in a week or so.


  1. I hope you continue to have a speedy recovery. I just know you will have a productive and successful time at the show. I missed your you-tube lessons but hope that after the show you will get back to pastel instruction.


    1. I feel bad about missing my YouTube posts but just haven’t been able to talk. Hoping to get back to them next week!


  2. Congratulations Lindsay I am sure you will sell heaps of them, I love your work.
    As an aside seeing you say that you were coughing badly and didnt seem to get any relief, i had a flu a couple of years ago and had a similar problem at one point i coughed solidly for over an hour, it was so bad my husband rang the hospital to see what i could do, they suggested hot tea with honey in it and sip it slowly, I though oh sure like tha’ts going to work ( at this point i had tried tons of things to stop me coughing none of which had worked). Anyhow hubby made me the tea with honey which i did sip slowly between coughs and it did help quite a lot, so maybe give that a try… I hope it works for you also. Good luck with the exhibition and the cough.


    1. Thanks for the honey tea tip. I often try hot water with honey and lemon and find it’s quite helpful. Am definitely on the mend as the coughing is starting to subside a bit.


  3. I am still a relative newby, but I do love doing sea-scapes and skies. I love watching snd trying your techniques Lindy, sorry you’ve been poorly, get better soon, we miss you. Xx


  4. I missed your videos Lyndsey, now I know the reason! I hope you keep on feeling better. Of course we can wait for future videos, 🙂 keep up preparing your exhibition which I’m sure will be wonderful!


    1. Just did a video today so will try and edit and publish tomorrow. Have felt bad about missing a few weeks so once the exhibition is over I will have to tape a few “spares” for when life gets in the way!


  5. Glimpses of your exhibition pieces are lovely. Waters are peaceful to the soul which may be why your symptoms were held at bay. Feel better.


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