Today’s painting

With only 3.5 weeks to go until my exhibition time is flying and I’m madly painting. This is today’s acrylic on canvas which I’m pretty happy with.  Just loved the light the day I took the reference photos and feel I’ve managed to capture the morning magic.

“Morning Light – Mayfield Beach”  .  Acrylic on canvas.   50 x 75cm

16 thoughts on “Today’s painting

      1. I never really recovered from Robin Williams not very well reviewed but very well received by me film ‘What Dreams May Come’ … the idea of walking into paintings has stuck 🙂


  1. Wonderful light that is so hard to capture ! thanks for sharing.
    My goodness you are flying through !….you have my admiration.


    1. I’m on a real marathon. Luckily my husband is doing all the housework , cooking and generally letting me lock myself away in the studio for hours on end to get on with it. It’s been a real pleasure to paint to a theme daily.


    1. Thanks sis. I’m not sure what to start next although I have 3 sketched up so we’ll see which one gets the guernsey tomorrow.


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