Some boats…

Only 16 days to go and I’ll be hanging these paintings for my exhibition. Time is really flying now! I’ve been working 8 plus hour days in the studio and this last week boats have featured on the easel. I’ll be posting a catalogue page on Monday for those who can’t get to the exhibition.

Two Boats 
Clear Water
Bicheno Fishing Fleet
A Good Day for Fishing

12 thoughts on “Some boats…

  1. Lindy.. you are so prolific ! I adore “Two Boats” but admire all your paintings. Would love to know how you feel when they are all mounted on the Gallery wall. Do you feel creatively dried up, and need a break, or do you feel like rushing home to start another ?
    How long does it take to plan such an exhibition ?


    1. Once they’re all hung I get to sit in the gallery and talk to the visitors for 2 weeks . I find this a lovely time – getting to meet people who buy my paintings, talking about the process and doing some demonstrations. When the exhibition is over I will probably do some book and bag making as a change but then it will the pre Christmas custom painting rush so not much of a break! This exhibition only had a 6 week lead time which is ridiculous and the reason I am madly painting 8 plus hours a day. Althoug slightly stressful, also exhilirating!


    1. Yes – the breathing is better now! If I don’t paint any more I have enough – but I do want to do a few more pastels this week.


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