Today’s art project

Day 8 at the exhibition was a busy day. I made another small handmade watercolour book, did a little pastel painting and tried out a daisy design on a white lamp shade. & more days to go so a few more art projects to go!

Art shade and handmade art book.
Art shade and handmade acrylic sketch book.


Bay of Fires pastel painting.
Small pastel painting. Bay of Fires. Tasmania.

5 thoughts on “Today’s art project

  1. Just stop being so cleverly creative, please! Or don’t. I jest. Please understand that. Wow. You do so much when sitting still. And that lampshade. Oh how I wish I was passing your window – I’d make off with it idly tossing the money over my shoulder and hugging it tight!


    1. Just can’t seem to just sit still! I used to be a great reader and thought I might do when retired but so far I get up early,start creating and before I know it it’s bed time and I’m too tired to read. Must make some still time…..


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