Mini canvases.

I have a mini exhibition coming up in 4 weeks and am totally enjoying painting my small canvases for it. I plan on finishing 20 mini paintings over the next four weeks and have already completed six of them.

Bay of Fires. The Dunes.
Bay of Fires. The Dunes.

There’s something about small paintings that’s very liberating. They don’t take up lots of space so I can hang two side by side and work on them simultaneously- while one sky is drying I can paint the other. Somehow this makes me loosen up and at the same time pay more attention to each subject as I switch back and forth between them. I didn’t expect this and I think the paintings are better for it.

Two by Two! In the studio.
Two by Two! In the studio.

Although they’re small I can still pack a lot of detail, or suggestion of detail, into a 6×6 inch canvas. It’s a great way to try out an idea for a larger work, painting two or three versions and refining the composition before I commit to a 100 x 100cm canvas. (Yes… I know I’m mixing my units!)

Lupins and Reflections - Huon River.
Lupins and Reflections – Huon River.

Because there’s only a tiny area to cover I find it relaxing using a fine brush to pop in detail. I don’t tire as I can do when I’m working on large canvases. It seems more like play.

Cosy Corner.
Cosy Corner. Acrylic on canvas.

I have so many potential subjects waiting to be brought to life and working in a small format let’s me experiment at little expense of time, materials and heartache if it all fails miserably!

Spring Beach Pathway.
Spring Beach Pathway.

Not least of all I end up with a collection of affordable mini paintings perfect for someone on a tight budget who wants an original work of art, a traveller with limited space to carry a painting home or an avid collector who has no more wall space. ( I know about all three of these!)

Reflections on the Huon
Huon river reflections. Small acrylic on canvas
The Creek
Small acrylic painting – The Creek


22 thoughts on “Mini canvases.

    1. Thanks Joy! Painting is a great pleasure for me. When I started out I too “couldn’t paint” but here I am after lots of practice. Maybe you’ll be inspired to try it out some day or maybe you have your own way of “painting” through words or music or just being.


  1. Nice paintings, I like the beach scenes and sand dunes. How small are they? I did 2 9″x12″ paintings a few months ago. One was of a bay, and the other one some historical buildings. I worked at them both at the same time also. But I do not think I would go any smaller than 9″x12″


  2. Reblogged this on Sanderellas and commented:
    I love learning from Lindy! I am so anxious to be able to purchase a decent set of pastels, however I just watched a cute little painting she created with an inexpensive set and it was adorable…jelly fish! So, once I get my senior kitty back to better health I will be working on saving for a set of some sort. Until then, I have plenty to learn! Enjoy her blog, she is a very happy, patient and gifted artist.


  3. Hi Lindy,

    I just wanted to confirm I received my order from your mini collection. It was the most exciting day I have had in a long time!

    We absolutely love the paintings and so does everyone who has the pleasure of viewing them. I originally purchased them for our home entry area, however, we have now moved them to our sitting room where we can view them more often!

    I have been trying to work out how to email pictures to you but I’m afraid I am no good with the iPad email. I will keep trying but just wanted to say thank you.

    Kind regards Janet Danaher

    Sent from my iPad



    1. Hi Janet,
      So pleased you love your paintings! I would love to see some pictures. If you are on Messenger you can contact me through thefe and it will allow you to attach photos. You can message me on my Face book page . Just search for LindyWhittonStudio and send me a message. If all that fails or is too complicated you can always email me direct at and attach thr pictures to the email. And if that fails I will just magine them in your living room!
      Best wishes,


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