I had a diverse month…

July was a busy month for commissions with a really diverse lot of subjects. This is my classroom where I get set new challenges and learn a heap whilst making someone’s vision of a painting come to life.

This one is of a famous hiking trail in Japan. I loved the challenge of getting the mist to look look mist.


Here I got to grow a garden in a couple of days!15319638343379


And how could  I resist this cuddly twosome!



…and a chance to try out some of those quintessential American red barns in a lovely panorama format.1


and lastly, a tugboat going about its work. Lots of detail here but that was offset by the loose sky and reflections.final 3

Hope your month has been as varied and interesting!

11 thoughts on “I had a diverse month…

  1. Wow!! Extremely diverse, they are all beautiful! The complexity of the tugboat, whew. Absolutely adore the gardens, I thought it a photo first. That panoramic must have been tough! They are All really exceptional, you have been very busy!


    1. Thanks so much for your kind words Crystal. The tugboat was a bit tricky and the gardens very relaxing. I enjoy the challenge of different subjects I wouldn’t normally choose myself. Having a little me painting time now.


  2. Wow, they are really diverse subjects, and you have done a wonderful job with them Lindy. Pick for me is Japanese walking trail – that view and mist is super. Oddly enough I really like the tug boat too, and you know I’m not a boat person.


    1. That tug boat was a killer with all that detail – but very satisfying to know I could do it! I enjoyed the mist and was really happy with how it turned out.

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  3. All wonderful Lindy.My dear departed friend would have loved the mist as I do also a.Afraid my month hasn’t been as diverse although I have seen a lovely lot of Aus


    1. Thank you ! Sorry I took so long to say that but I got busy and forgot to check. I’m heading over to check out your site now. 🙂


  4. What a wonderful array of your fine works of art. You captured the mist and what a difficult thing to do. I was wondering what mediums you used as each looks different from the other.


    1. Yes- they all do look different but they’re all done with acrylic paint on canvas except for the 2 dogs which were done on paper.
      I do have a personal style but it does sometimes change for commissions depending on the subject. I did use the palette knife a bit for the vegetation in the Japanese Mist one.
      Glad you enjoyed them!


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