Some small plein air paintings

A few small paintings – all done at Podere Pietrata near Radicofani in southern Tuscany. I just walked out the door and turned in a new direction every evening. They’re simple and not perfect – but they capture the feeling of the place  – which is the whole point of plein air painting for me.clouds pastel tuscany







7 thoughts on “Some small plein air paintings

  1. Great paintings Lindy! What size & paper are you using? How many pastels are you traveling with? I tried to reply below but it wouldn’t let me. Seems I need an account? Hope you are both well! Helen

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    1. Hi Helen, I just have to approve you the first time (I think!) unless you hit the follow button – then it lets you add comments anywhere. I’m mostly using 8×10 inches although the pink sky was a 23 x 30 cm colourfix original paper that I used acrylics on. I made up a new box of pastels to bring with me and there are probably 120’ish in it. we’re having a lovely time but I think I’ll have a bit less time to paint this week in Corsica as we’re travelling around a bit. Next week in Sardinia I hope to get some more done but will have to make do with sketches till then. Trevor managed to get another cold !!! I’ve escaped it. Hope you’re autumn is looking beautiful.
      Lindy xo

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  2. Nice paintings you really captured the essence of where you painted them with emotion that you cannot achieve from painting from photographs. I really like how you created the sparkling flowers in the top painting, as well as the brush strokes in the clouds in the second painting.

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