I’ve been trying out a few new gels and pastes lately in my acrylic paintings and having some fun. Here’s a 30 x 30 cm canvas I just finished using some clear tar gel and molding paste to help create that tangle of flowers and weeds in the foreground. Will be trying a few more ways of using the gel I’m sure.

Desert blooms Acrylic on Canvas $200

4 thoughts on “TEXTURE WITH GELS

  1. Hi Lindy,

    I’ve viewed many of your pastel videos and have followed along while painting some of them. I just finished viewing your three-part video of the path to the beach including trees and grasses. You had used a travel box of of about 60 Senneliers. I have some questions, and I hope you can help me. Did you have that box shipped to you? If so, was the box itself in good working condition? I could see that the pastels were fine! Also, are you happy with the choice of colors in the box. I remember that one stick you were going to use was harder than some others.

    I have been seriously considering buy Sennelier’s travel box of 120 pastels which is being sold by an art supply store here in the States. I have read some reviews that the box itself was not in good condition after shipping, and some artists returned it to the shipper. I’d love to know your answers and your opinion.

    Thanks so much,

    Betty Kennedy

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    1. Hi Betty,
      I think this is probably only 1 of 2 boxes of pastels I’ve bought locally so can’t say how they would travel via shipping. I have bought many other boxes from the US and UK and never had any problems with damage to the box or pastels. I take different sets to different destinations. The Senneliers work really well in Europe and the 120 set should be more than enough for any destination. The colour range was pretty good in the 60 set .
      I hope this helps,


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