Some pages from my sketchbook

It’s been awhile since I posted so thought I would share a few pages from my current travel sketchbook. I’m swanning around the Mediterranean and Adriatic coasts for a few weeks and enjoying all the sun, sea and swimming. In between I’m snatching a few minutes to do some watercolour and ink sketches to remind me of the beautiful places I’ve been visiting on those cold winter days back in Tasmania!

9 thoughts on “Some pages from my sketchbook”

  1. Well Lindy, beautiful sketches I Love the boats. Great idea as you get a flavour for later on when you can do a larger pieces.


  2. Love your work Lindy. Sketchbooking is something I always toy with but seems so hard on travels surrounded by non artists. However I do take my little set up with me. Maybe next holidays I will get it right. I love the way you have written your notes on the page of what was happening too.Terrific!


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