Some pages from my sketchbook

It’s been awhile since I posted so thought I would share a few pages from my current travel sketchbook. I’m swanning around the Mediterranean and Adriatic coasts for a few weeks and enjoying all the sun, sea and swimming. In between I’m snatching a few minutes to do some watercolour and ink sketches to remind me of the beautiful places I’ve been visiting on those cold winter days back in Tasmania!

9 thoughts on “Some pages from my sketchbook

  1. Well Lindy, beautiful sketches I Love the boats. Great idea as you get a flavour for later on when you can do a larger pieces.


  2. Love your work Lindy. Sketchbooking is something I always toy with but seems so hard on travels surrounded by non artists. However I do take my little set up with me. Maybe next holidays I will get it right. I love the way you have written your notes on the page of what was happening too.Terrific!


    1. It is hard to make art on travels when your travel companion is not arty! I try and send mine off on a walk while I paint!


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