A bit of ecoprinting…

I’ve been dabbling with my eco printing again. I invested in some timber and built a small bench and shelves outside the laundry area so I can keep my soaking leaf collection and dye pots in some sort of order! It should be complete ORDER but I get too carried way with the excitement of making new discoveries and it all ends up bit of a jumble…still the new shelves do contain it somewhat.

I finally found a smoke bush tree in the neighbour’s garden and he kindly allowed me to harvest the autumn leaves so I dried then before we left on our travels and now I’m using them…I’m a bit like a miser slowly and grudgingly depleting my stockpile because they’re all I have until spring brings the new leaves…But am loving the results.

Eco print on silk
Smoke bush eco print on silk

I’ve also tried some natural cochineal dye which ended up giving a lovely watecolour effect when overprinted with leaves.

…and I collected onion skins for a few weeks and dyed some silk scarves with them…sunshine in a dyepot! Photos to come at a later date.

And let’s not forget the humble gum leaf which gives such lovely results when sandwiched between 2 silk scarves and steamed for an hour.

So not a lot of posting’s been going on but my dye pots have been getting a goodly amount of attention and I’m learning as I print and dye.

4 thoughts on “A bit of ecoprinting…

  1. Wow they are fab, nothing like nature to produce beauty.
    I would love to know the process I have not done this yet.
    love the colours you are very prductive Lyndy.


    1. It’s been a steep learning curve – especially as I’m not good keeping records so sometimes can’t remember how I got something. The basic process is . Mordant your cloth- wool and silk are easier , cotton and linen a bit more complex. There are lots of different ways to mordant. Then lay leaves on the wet fabric roll up tie with sting and steam for an hour or two. Maple leaves are a great one to start with as well as eucalyptus because they have good tannin content and print really well. There’s some good websites with the basic processes on them if you search for eco printing. It’s lot’s of fun and a bit addictive.


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