Eco printing on wool

I’ve been discovering the joys of ecoprinting on vintage woolen blankets. I’d already been working with silk and cotton but had been wanting to try some wool which is either very expensive if new or difficult to find if recycled . Vintage blankets are a good way to get a decent amount of yardage at a reasonable price for the beginner. They’re hard to come by so when I get my hands on one it’s exciting planning what to make with it.

I’ve done capes…

and ponchos…

as well as bags and clutches…

I have two freshly washed and folded blankets sitting in my stash at the moment and I’ve been waiting impatiently to start layering them with leaves so tomorrow could be the day!

4 thoughts on “Eco printing on wool

  1. wow i love the bags could
    I ask what do you mean by vintage blankets . I love the leaf pattern and would love to try in a different colour x well done you are so industrious and talented .


    1. Thanks Loretta. The wool blankets are just old blankets that are no longer used for bedding. It’s difficult to predict the leaf colours as they vary depending on many factors for the same tree. !


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