Eco printing ebook- everything you need to know as a beginner.

During this crazy time in the world my mum was self isolating and I decided to give her a box of eco printing supplies and instructions for her birthday because she was quite interested in it. It was a big success and started me thinking about expanding on it and writing the kind of book I was looking for when I started out on my own eco printing adventure.

A few month’s of intensive work and I finally finished it! It grew from an initial 40 pages to 100 and there is still more I could have included. I wanted to make it informative, useful and easy to navigate with all the basics and some more advanced techniques. I had such a struggle when I started out trying to find out such things as just what a”blanket’ was, how long to dip in modifiers, and what are they anyway??? I was sure there were a whole lot of people just like me who were looking for all the basic information in one concise book. So here it is…

An Eco Printers Guide

There are no “secret” recipes or techniques here. It’s information I found through researching, experimenting and persisting over the last three or four years and anyone can do the same… but it does take a lot of time to progress this way.

When I launched it in my Etsy shop it immediately started to sell. I guess there are people out there just like me! This is the feedback from one of those people …

This is a wonderful book, full of so much information to help with eco-dyeing. I have dabbled a little bit and had mixed results but this book has helped me understand the process so much better. It is so easy to follow with such detailed instructions. I love the projects. I learnt so much from it.


If you’re interested you can follow this link to my Etsy store Leaf and Print

I’ve kept it clear, simple and well illustrated …

It includes a whole lot of step by step projects and links to 5 videos and I was fully immersed in eco printing getting all the videos shot, and then sorting all the info, finding a good format and editing it . Here’s some of the projects.

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