Abstracting nature.

Sometimes I just get the urge to try something new…or at least a riff on a familiar theme.

I’m a realist painter who loves the coast and water . I rarely go abstract as I find it hard to get started and don’t seem to find a way forward if I do start yet I’ve always been interested in the abstract patterns in nature. On recent travels I spent a lot of time walking on coastal tracks and rocky ledges and rediscovered the joy of rockpools with their micro world of pebbles, patterns, colours, textures and creatures.

I ended up taking a lot of photos and one day when I was looking through them and remembering the fascinating hours I’d spent poking around in the pools I decided to throw caution to the wind. I gessoed over a large realist painting that had never truely satisfied me and starting adding texture , pattern and colour in response to a series of photos I’d taken…

I’d been fascinated by the green of the rocks with the blue black and yellow ochre threading through. All those little shelled creatures and how the water changed the colours.

Rock Pool Colours

Acrylic on canvas.



Absolutely loved the process and the play between my usual realism in the small details and a much looser approach in the pattern and texture.

I was really pleased to recieve 2nd place award in the Art Society Of Tasmania’s annual members exhibition and be able to chat to the person who bought it about where the inspiration came from. I now plan to work on a series of semi abstracted nature based on rockpools and reflections…we’ll see where that takes me 🙂

2 thoughts on “Abstracting nature.

  1. WOW Lindy, you caught the texture brilliantly, the colours and pattern are beautiful.
    Well deserved a prize
    I would love to try this on the rivers near me.
    Kind regards


    1. Thanks Loretta, It was a really relaxing and intuiative painting for me- it seemed to resonate with the viewers and I always think if I’m excited by the painting I won’t get to keep it for long. Lindy 🙂


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