Botanical Printing on Leather

It’s been awhile since my last post . I’ve been travelling a bit and taking a break from social media and posting, which has been good for me creatively. Sometimes I just need to spend more time making and playing!

Botanical prints of various leaves on kangaroo leather with a fustic dye background.

One of my play dates has been with botanical printing and leather. They’ve come together nicely and I’m about to run my first printing on leather workshop in a few weeks. This is 3 parts exciting and 1 part terrifying! The big question is… will everything that works for me in my home studio work as well in the classroom?

A matching bag, keyring and credit card holder made from the printed leather.

I love making as well…I’m not very good at following patterns and usually make things on the fly. Not the recommended way for sure but it does mean I feel free to change things as I go! Using up every scrap of my printed leather is important to me and I get just as much pleasure from a tiny keyring as I do from a large bag.

What have you been creating or exploring lately?

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