See it, make it, share it- my raison d’etre

I read a book on mud brick houses, go out and do a weekend workshop and plan on building my own ….one day. Actually it will have to wait until The Writer heads off to the next life as any mention of building has him muttering about the “divorce house”. I can’t help it – I just see something I love that hits my creative g spot and I want to try it for myself. Once I’ve tried it I want to share how easy, satisfying, frustrating, energising, fun, rewarding or just plain crazy it was to tackle the project.

Most of the stuff I create comes from a deeply internalised belief that if I think hard enough about how to do something, read up on it, seek the wisdom of those who do it well and then just jump in and try something good will result. That’s not to say it will be good the first attempt but every artistic endeavor adds to my store of knowledge and the next attempt is incrementally better.

I mull things over, I dream of new projects, I buy supplies and lay them up for when the mulling bears fruit. I want to try EVERYTHING! I know I should probably settle for a few things and do them really well but I’m fascinated by others artistic and creative outpourings and I start down a new path before I know it.

Right now it’s bookbinding. I’ve never done it before or been to a class but I saw a simple concertina sketchbook in my art store and decided I could make one. So I did – and then some more adding little windows, then a travel book with a fold over cover and I just interrupted my first attempt at a leather covered book to write this! In between I’ve been googling images and reading blogs and tutorials and have ammasssed a good understanding of some basic techniques. It’s never been so easy to get good information for new ideas.

So this blog started because I’ve been amazed at,  and grateful for, what’s out there on the interweb – I wanted to add my slim store of knowledge and experience. I’m interested in what inspires others to blog , this simple mantra inspires me.  See it, Make it, Share it!

4 thoughts on “See it, make it, share it- my raison d’etre

  1. The creative spirit is voracious and greedy, I find. It does want to try EVERYTHING – sometimes its eyes are too big for its tummy but out of those moments come tumbling forth yet more needs.

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  2. Same here I want to try everything but then sadly know that I can’t and then I live through what I see other artists do that I want to do! Then satisfaction comes….eventually. I really like your accordion style bound books with the birds and the seeds? I have always been fascinated with making paper, just a dream but you mentioning about bounding books reminded me of that desire of mine. I love reading about what is going through other artist’s minds. A fun post. 🙂


  3. Ah – you reminded me that I did try paper making many years ago with a home made kit of kitchen blender, curtain net over an old frame for a mould and then using another old frame for the deckle mould. I’d forgotten how enjoyable that was so thanks for the reminder!


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